Give the stress, frustration and confusion of Weight Loss over to the experts. 

Tired of trying to figure it out on your own?

You give your car to the experts to get fixed. You give

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Learn how 10 employees losing 10 pounds each can save your business $10,000

Let us solve the main pains of weight loss with the science of metabolism

NutriLogix uses evidence-based concepts to solve three of the most painful problems of weight loss. The question is... do you want to let us solve them for you now, or do you still want to be figuring out on your own in 10 years?

Problem # 1- HUNGER- Do you think you have to be hungry to be healthy? Think again! 

Solution # 1- You can modify the hormones that make you feel full by controlling the types of foods  you eat instead of the amount of food. Calorie-restriction is not necessary. 

Problem # 2- WEIGHT RE-GAIN-  Have you had success with your diet, only to see your weight plateau, and eventually gain it back?  

Solution # 2- Sustainable weight loss without weight re-gain can be achieved by controlling the timing of what your eat instead of the amount of food. 

Problem # 3- NOTHING IS WORKING-   Have you tried every diet under the sun with little to no success? Do you tell yourself you just have a "slow metabolism" and weight loss is hopeless for you? What if this isn't true?

Solution # 3- Most dieters don’t realize that their weight loss efforts are almost completely undermined by excessive cortisol in the body. Since cortisol is regulated by stress, the solution is to integrate simple, yet effective stress-management techniques into the program. This removes a major biological roadblock that most dieters don’t even realize is blocking their progress. 

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What people are saying about NutriLogix...

 The biggest benefit to me has been that I feel better and have more energy, no indigestion or feeling bloated anymore at all. Abdominal fat seems to shrink. I find it is sustainable longterm.

Stefanie Robel, Ph.D.- Neurobiology Researcher, Virginia Tech

About Us

NutriLogix was designed by metabolism researcher and professor, Dr. Kristina Trujillo and mental health expert Katie Uilk.

 Dr. Trujillo has spent over a decade teaching and researching metabolism at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She has published peer-reviewed research that has shaped our understanding of human metabolism. She has developed protocols using metabolic pathways active in every human being. So it does not depend on your body type, family history or genetics. It just works.  

Katie Uilk is a mental health expert trained in psychology, stress-management and trauma. Katie has been working with clients for over seven years to better manage their mental health. She uses the most up-to date evidence- based information to create individualized stress management and self-care protocols. By bringing this often-overlooked aspect to NutriLogix, Katie removes a major roadblock that most dieters don’t even realize is blocking their progress.

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