Select the Program that works for You and Your Business

The studies on wellness programs are overwhelmingly clear. Focusing on one of the main drivers of health care costs- excess body weight – will maximize your wellness dollars.

Researchers at Duke University conducted a study determining the effect of body weight on employer costs. They calculated medical costs, absenteeism and presenteeism costs. The data shows that if 10 employees lose 10 pounds each, a business can save $10,000. 

NutriLogix has designed our programs to help business reach this goal.

Finkelstein, E.A., et al., The costs of obesity in the workplace. J Occup Environ Med, 2010. 52(10): p. 971-6. 

Employee Boot Camp

Learn the NutriLogix Program. Choose from 4 different levels of the program to fit your employee's lifestyle.  Consists of a 90 minute onsite introduction to the NutriLogix concept and program.

Employee 2 Session Mini-Course

Your employees will learn the NutriLogix Program and science behind it. Includes NutriLogix BootCamp plus group individualization sessions (up to 100 people/course). 2 onsite sessions (90 minutes per week). 

1 Year Support and Maintenance Program

Information is great, but only if people actually use it in their everyday lives. This program gives your employees practical ways to integrate the NutriLogix concepts into their lives at work and at home.